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Welcome to Salla – in the middle of nowhere

Step out of your daily routines and come to experience the silence and freedom of wilderness. No schedules and running from one place to another – just beautiful and unforgettable summer with nightless night and exciting guided trips. Wilderness awaits!

Trekking and biking

Salla is known for its beautiful nature that starts from the front door. Walk along the paths to the green forests and let the duckboards guide you through bogs and wetlands. Climb on top of a fell and breathe the freshest air in the world. Outside the charming and unique tourism center there are rough and beautiful Tuntsa wilderness area in the Northern Salla and green Oulanka national park in the south that we also recommend to visit. If you wish to add speed and excitement test one of our electrically-assisted fatbikes that take you easily to the finest viewpoints.

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After spending a day in our beautiful nature, you can rest your legs either in a hotel or cozy cabins. All accommodations are near the services and from there it is easy to dive into the adventures of the wilderness. Our cozy cabins will make your holiday relaxing!

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Eat and shop

The restaurants in Salla offer delicacies made from local ingredients. High-quality restaurants remove bigger or smaller hunger. From Salla you will also find all other services that you need for a successful holiday.

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Do and see

In Salla you can enjoy the wild wilderness safely. In the summer our skilled local guides will take you for example to feed the reindeer, bike around nature with fatbikes, experience canooing in the middle of the night or test different local fishing methods. Guided trips with local guides are the best way to experience authentic Lapland!

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Events in Salla

Salla is known for its unique and fun events. In July there will be trail running and orienteering in the middle of the night, celebrations of Salla day and shopping when the sun sets. In September RUSKAntri country music festival will bring good music to the village. And don’t miss our unique Reindeer Heat week and Nothing happens week in the autumn. Read more about our events and join us!

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Salla is in the eastern part of Finnish Lapland. We are above the Arctic Circle and easy to reach. The nearest airports are 1 hour drive away in Kuusamo and 1,5 hour drive away in Rovaniemi. Welcome to the wilderness!

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